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Who's Ariffin?

Ariffin is a Technology Architect, Corporate Leader, and Digital Entrepreneur.

A Malaysian, Ariffin had lived and worked for the last two decades in North America but has recently crossed the oceans to return to Asia. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, he is a man of many hats. The most recent ones being founder of Acquro Sdn Bhd, board member of OneMarket, Inc, former chief architect at Yahoo, speaker, and freelance business consultant.

The Asian financial crisis of 1997-98 gave Ariffin his start in the tech world. A businessman at that time, he’d always had a fascination for computers, and the bleak economy prompted his move to the US to pursue computer science studies in California. Since then, Ariffin hasn’t looked back. His ten years of studying culminated in a doctorate in computer science in 2008. A first attempt at building a startup in 2006 failed which then led to a job at Yahoo as a search engineer. The former Silicon Valley giant was where Ariffin built his chops as a tech professional. Yahoo nurtured his talent in more ways than one, and with immeasurable hard work and positive encouragement from inspiring bosses and colleagues, he rose through the ranks to finally exiting as its Chief Architect in late 2017.

Now living away from Silicon Valley, Ariffin is building his own advisory leveraging the knowledge and experience gained over the last twenty years in the United States. As someone who never tires of doing the right thing, Ariffin still remains driven and aims to contribute to the tech world in every way possible.

Ariffin holds a Ph.D. in computer science from University of California, Irvine. He owns patents in systems and methods for advertising and monetization in location-based spatial networks, and has written numerous publications. 

Long Bio

Ariffin is a highly accomplished technology leader and chief architect with expertise in strategic due diligence, scale and innovation. He is a passionate technology leader who drives architecture and technical initiatives specializing in massively scalable systems than incorporate big data and machine learning. Ariffin is recognized for collaborating with architects, product managers and developers to understand complex problems, lead global technical direction, and architect innovative technology solutions aligned with business goals. Ariffin was progressively promoted through numerous leadership positions during his 9 year tenure at Yahoo. He is uniquely business-oriented with a natural ability to understand intricate business workflows, and develop successful technology strategy and solutions.


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Ariffin also is involved with the operations of 3 companies across the world

Acquro Sdn Bhd

Due Diligence | Scale | Innovation

Malaysia-based technology advisory accelerating growth for businesses worldwide with independent expertise and guided advice. acquro specializes in Due Diligence, Scale, and Innovation services.

Version X

Software Development

Based in San Jose California, Version X is a software house operating since 2010 and specializing in writing specialized, very deep technical software. Projects include a digital telephone network software.

Sari Data Sdn Bhd

Software as a Service 

Start-up being set up to create software services for Malaysia.

The Yahoo

Ariffin’s career at Yahoo has seen him transform from a specialist engineer into a business leader balancing the fine line between reconciling personality and cultural differences of large teams and achieving multimillion dollar revenue targets. He strongly believes in practising influence over using authority and cherishes the hard lessons learned from his Yahoo experience.

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